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Published On 12/10/2021
Show & Tell Submission Guidelines and Photo Tips
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Classified Ads

Published On 10/21/2021
We are pleased to announce that WGNC has just launched a Members Only Classified Ads app on the website.
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Guild Meetings

Published On 9/13/2022
Wood Drying for Wood Turners with Dr. Frederik Laleicke - Dr. Laleicke will discuss some of the methods that he recommends for drying wood for woodturners to help the cracking and defects we all like to avoid.
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Published On 9/9/2022
Joe will explore the airbrush, color and multiple techniques
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Published On 8/5/2022
Take a chance and try segmented turning. This will be an evening of exploring this often-shunned part of woodturning. It can be a simple project or some of the most amazing artistic endeavors found in woodturning.
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Published On 6/11/2022
Need a break from standing at the lathe? Join us to see how Alan Leland makes a three-legged stool.
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Published On 5/13/2022
Join us on June 9th to see Tod demonstrate the turning of a bowl within a bowl using off center turning techniques.
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Published On 1/8/2022
WGNC is happy to announce that our first in-person and hybrid Zoom Demonstration is being planned for March 31st.
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Published On 1/7/2022
Have you ever wondered how to turn a calabash bowl especially the Hawaiian way?
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Published On 11/5/2021
Annual Tips, Tricks and Jigs review.
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Published On 2/24/2022
While working in our shops, we woodturners sometimes tempt disaster. The very nature of standing in front of a lathe with a hunk of wood balanced between two points spinning anywhere from 300 to 4,000 RPM, attacking it with a hunk of strong steel is, naturally, anathema to safety.
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