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Show & Tell Submission Guidelines and Photo Tips

Bob Edmiston | Published on 12/10/2021
Show & Tell Submission Guidelines and Photo Tips

Submission guidelines:

  • Email your submissions to .
  • All submissions are due by 6 PM the Wednesday before the Show & Tell session.
  • Include one or two photos of each piece (front/back, top/bottom), since we can't hold a piece for viewing.
  • Include your name, wood species, largest dimension, and a short (one or two sentence) description.
  • Please identify which session the piece(s) is for i.e. Regular Show & Tell or Personal Challenge
  • Each person can submit up to two items per session.  You may submit both pieces to either session or one piece to each session.
  • Send a separate email for each piece submitted.  
  • Reduce your photo file size before sending – try to keep files to 1MB or less.  Not sure how to resize or crop your photos? This 3-minute guide can help if you use Windows.
  • Include your name in your photo file name.

Some photo tips:

  • Use a booth/backdrop if you have one or use a solid color wall.

  • Find good lighting, preferably from one source. Don't rely on camera flash.

  • If it's a finished piece, we suggest your best "gallery" shot and another of the bottom or profile/detail not shown in the main shot.

  • If it's a work in progress, closeup shots of problem areas or specific challenges would be appropriate.  

  • Crop your photos fairly close to the object alone.