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Using the Airbrush in Woodturning with Joe Fleming


   Thursday October 13th
Format and Time:

   On-line Virtual Meeting
   Zoom call opens at 6:15 for socializing

   Meeting begins at 6:45 PM

   Demonstration begins at 7 PM

Why Airbrush?

Many turners wonder why anyone would want to add surface enhancements to their wooden art pieces. This is a fair question.  In general, a woodturner will select wood for the effect it will provide in the final piece.  You may be looking for a particular grain type or orientation.  Perhaps the grain figure or wood color are important to your design.  If the turner is making utilitarian pieces, such as spoons, the wood is more about form for the function.

But, sometimes, color can be used to help tell a story, enhance a design or simply become the canvas for more features on the woodturners piece.  Whatever the reason, the woodturner generally wants to control the effect of the coloring to the maximum extent possible.  The airbrush is an excellent tool to use because the turner can control the intensity of the colors, the placement of the colors, and the penetration of the materials much more precisely than with a brush, sponge or rag.  Additionally, the choice of airbrush mediums available today offers the highest quality of materials for art pieces. 

During this demonstration, Joe will begin to demystify the airbrush and its use.  Like so many things we do, using the airbrush is a process that involves using specific tools and techniques in order to reach the desired results.  Specifically, Joe will be discussing and demonstrating a number of topics that will help the woodturner get started in using the airbrush. These will include:
   What is needed.for airbrushing
An Airbrush
        Airbrush quality paint, ink or dye
        A regulated air source
        Something to color
    Airbrush Definitions
    Coloring Overview
        Transparent Paint
     Color Theory
        The Color Wheel
        Tinting and Shading
        Color Schemes
        Color Blending

This demonstration will concentrate more on the use of the airbrush and the topics noted above.  It will not spend a great deal of time on airbrush selection, maintenance or how an airbrush operates.  To refresh your knowledge on these and other topics, please visit the "Documents Library/Airbrushing - Oct '22" where there are articles by Joe covering airbrush selection, troubleshooting, startup information, and coloring wood.  A link to these documents is found here.

Upcoming Events
A Look Ahead
Breakout Sessions are Back

WGNC is happy to announce the return of Breakout Sessions. To enhance the value of these sessions to members, we have established a coordinator to help identify topics, hosts and schedules that are aligned with the interests of members.

As Session details are confirmed, the information will be posted on this web page so that a member can look at available subjects and associated details, and then when a topic of interest is found, simply click on the button to sign up.

CK - Breakout 1
What exactly is a Breakout Session?

A breakout session is a woodturning event that is hosted by another member for other members to join in and learn or practice any element of woodturning.  This could be a shop tour, how to sharpen or make tools, turning a bowl, how to use a skew, pyrography, carving, embellishments and a whole host of other topics.  The location could be at a host’s shop or another public location such as NC State Craft Center or a retail store.

Breakout sessions are generally free of charge and are offered on a first come first serve basis.  Scheduled sessions will be created as Events and will show up on the Home Page in the "A Look Ahead" table, on the "Events Calendar" and on the "Breakout Session" selection under the "Resources" menu .

To learn more about: 
   - How to join a breakout session
   - How to Host a breakout session
   - Review the Breakout Session Schedule
Click here.

Our first scheduled Breakout Session is being offered by Steve Criscenzo on Saturday 7/30/22.  The topic to be discussed and demonstrated will be on using a vacuum chucking system.
If you are interested, you can see an outline of the session topics and register for the event here.

These Sessions are a fun, one on one way to learn new skills or just refresh skills you may have previously learned but have not used in a while.  It is also a great way to meet new members and/or reconnect with old members.

Hope we see you at a Breakout Session soon!

Monthly Show & Tell Session

  • October 20th
  • Zoom session opens about 6:30 PM
  • Meeting begins at 7:00 PM

08 - Aug 2022 - Show & Tell

Please join us each month for our monthly Zoom Show & Tell Session. 

This forum is intended for all levels of woodturners and is a safe and respectful place to solicit input and advice, regardless of your experience level.

All WGNC members and their guests are welcome to spend an evening with fellow woodturners as we explore and share members' projects, ideas, issues and yes, even those shop disasters. 

We hope to see you for this month's always enjoyable, entertaining and interactive session.

As part of our regular Show & Tell program, we allot time to the session that is devoted to sharing and discussing a Personal Challenge from a recent demonstration.  The Personal Challenge is intended as a way to encourage members to try new ideas, techniques and to also be able to obtain advice on subjects covered in the demonstration.  WGNC also provides an open invitation to the person who conducted the demonstration to join the session to be available to answer questions and critique the various submissions made by members.  These sessions are always a great learning experience and fun.

The upcoming Personal Challenges will be as follows:

     For October, the Challenge will come from the September "Adding Textures and Carving to Turned Pieces" demonstration that was be presented by Elizabeth Weber.   Video review can be found here.

   For November, the Challenge will come from the October "Using the Airbrush in Woodturning" demonstration that was be presented by Joe Fleming.  Video review will be available soon and a link will be posted here.

Remember, you do not have to have a completed project to participate.  This session is designed to explore the techniques presented, so whether you have a completed piece, a practice piece or simply "idea boards", all are welcome for sharing and discussing with other members.

As a reminder, WGNC wants to encourage all skill levels to participate in our Show and Tell activities.  The galleries are all about our members adventures in turning.  What they turned, what they learned, how they addressed problems and challenges, design considerations and modifications.  They are also about learning and sharing, mentoring, and experiencing the many avenues of woodturning.  As a Guild, we offer many opportunities, but none as important as sharing our collective knowledge of all things turning.  The Show and Tell and Personal Challenge are just another way for you to bring more skills and exposure to your personal turning experience, give and receive help and guidance as needed and enjoy the adventures of your fellow woodturners. 

We all look forward to seeing our members unique creations.

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 And in other news:

Welcome Members
Welcome New Members!

New Breakout Sessions Scheduled:
Jim Duxbury will be holding a breakout session, scheduled for October 8th. Subject is "Duxbury Wizardry" featuring the Serpentine Grove Cutting Device.
For complete information on each session and links to signing up, see the event calendar here.

New WGNC T-Shirts now available:
 is happy to announce the arrival of our newly re-designed Guild T-Shirts.  T-Shirts will be available to members at any in-person Demonstration or Show and Tell event.
For full details, pictures and availability, please click here.

Demonstration and Show & Tell videos available for viewing. 

Don't forget you can always review all the available WGNC Demos and Show & Tell videos by clicking here.  Check them out today! 

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Well now you do, and you can make some money at it as well!  We are pleased to announce that WGNC has just launched a Members Only Classified Ads app on the website!

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