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NC State Lathe Replacement Project Update

NC State Craft Center Wood Studio Lathe Replacement Fund Raising Project Is A Resounding Success

As many members will recall, back in January the Craft Center Wood Studio embarked on a Lathe Replacement Fund Raising Project, with the  goal of raising enough money to purchase eight new lathes for the woodturning program. 

As part of WGNC's mission statement to "provide woodturning education through public outreach with a focus on promoting woodturning as an art form", WGNC made a sizeable contribution to the Wood Studio's fund raising goal.

WGNC's contribution to this very worthwhile effort was only possible because of each of you, our members.  Through our collective efforts and those of other generous givers, the Craft Center was able to go from old, well worn lathes like this example:

to brand new lathes, like the one shown below, along with new turning tools, face shields and a new grinder/sharpening station.

Congratulations to the Craft Center on a successful fund raising project and thank you to all WGNC Members for your continued support of our collective passion, woodturning!