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2024/04/11 - Guild Meeting - Sea Creatures - Imaginative Work with Karl Koch

Sea Creatures – Imaginative Art with Karl Koch

- Thursday April 11th
- Hybrid meeting (Live at NC Craft Center and via Zoom)
- Zoom call opens a 6:15 for socializing
- Meeting begins at 6:45 PM
- Demonstration begins at 7 PM

What are they?  
Where do they come from?
How did they get here?
Could I make one?
How would I make one?
Can I create the textures needed, then paint and embellish them in any way?

These are some of the questions Karl might begin asking himself as he starts the imagination engine. 

His sea creatures are an exercise in vision, design and imagination, from blank to finished piece, involving hollowing, carving with a router jig, finish carving with his Dremel and painting/finishing with a variety of products from acrylic paint to shoe polish.  Nearly anything becomes a tool for Karl to accomplish his creative goal.

Karl Koch presently lives in New Bern, NC.  He has been using the lathe as a creative tool for about 10 years.


His turned pieces reflect a varied background in archaeology, still photography, film and video production, architecture, sculpture, and performance art.


Much of his work is textured, colored, and carved to appear well worn and/or weathered. Most pieces imply a history or narrative. A few are just the answer to the question, “What if?”. 

There are so many things to be seen and learned from this demonstration, least of which is imagination.

We hope to see you for this artistic adventure.