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NC State Craft Center Wood Studio Lathe Replacement Fund Raising Project

Bob Edmiston | Published on 1/12/2024

NC State Craft Center Wood Studio Lathe Replacement Fund Raising Project

The Crafts Center Wood Studio provides a space for students to work on woodworking, woodturning, carving and other related projects.

Wood lathes and their accompanying programming are a major facet to the Wood Studio, but the current lathes are obsolete. The Wood Studio can no longer purchase repl
acement parts for the equipment.

As a result, the Craft Center Wood Studio has begun a Lathe Replacement Fund Raising Project, with the  goal of raising enough money to purchase eight new lathes for the woodturning program. 


The new lathes will not only allow our students to continue exploring art and craft through woodworking but will also bring the Wood Studio's turning technology to a newer, more flexible standard.

In addition, participants in the Wood Studio workshops will be able to accomplish more, better-finished products in a wider variety with access to these updated tools.

As part of WGNC's mission statement to "provide woodturning education through public outreach with a focus on promoting woodturning as an art form", WGNC will be making a contribution to the Wood Studio's fund raising goal.

If WGNC members would like to make a personal contribution or want to learn more about this project, just click on the button below:

         Wood Studio Lathe Replacement Project