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2023/06/11 - Guild Meeting - Metal Sdpinning on the Lathe with Greg Starner

Published on 5/25/2023
Metal Spinning on the Lathe with Greg Starner
  • Thursday June 8th
  • Hybrid meeting (NC State Craft Center and Zoom)
  • Zoom call opens a 6:15 for socializing
  • Meeting begins at 6:45 PM
  • Demonstration begins at 7 PM

GS Metal and Wood Box

Metal spinning is the centuries-old art of shaping disks made from pewter, brass, copper and other soft metals into contoured forms. The process is similar to a potter forming clay on a wheel, the metal spinner rotates his metal discs on the lathe and, by applying pressure, shapes it into a new form.

The results can be used in an infinite number of products, from aerospace parts to beautiful one of a kind candlesticks, lamps and musical instruments.  Metal spinning has become a vanishing craft. But, here tonight, one of our own members, Greg Starner will share with us how he learned to spin metal, the tools needed, many of which are “home made” using the tools we already possess in our shops. 

Greg will share how he made his tools, what metals are appropriate for spinning, how to design and build a form, and his process for spinning metal on a wood lathe. The demonstration will provide ideas for projects that not only involve spinning metal but also incorporate wood. We’ll learn how to create boxes, coasters, candle holders and other useful objects. Greg's demonstration will be an interesting look at how he blends wood and metal together to create artistic functional items that are used every day.

GS - Coaster

About our Demonstrator:

In his early years, around 1974, Greg became acquainted with Ernie Schweizer, the retired president of Schweizer Aircraft.  Ernie, familiar with the forming of metals used in his aircraft business, learned to spin pewter.  Greg was fascinated with this and convinced Ernie to mentor him.

Ernie worked with Greg each week over several months, providing Greg with the foundation he needed to spin metals and it resulted in decades of experience and the creation of beautiful work along the way. 

In the late 1980's, Greg began his woodturning journey. As a self taught turner, Greg learned from trial and error but quickly began to wonder if he could combine woodturning and metal spinning which resulted in the pieces Greg now likes to turn.