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2022/09/08 - Guild Meeting - Using Carving & Texturing Techniques w/ Elizabeth Weber

Adding Textures and Carving to Turned Pieces with Elizabeth Weber
  • Thursday September 8th
  • Zoom call opens a 6:15 for socializing
  • Meeting begins at 6:45 PM
  • Demonstration begins at 7 PM

Many WGNC members have expressed an interest in learning more about how to embellish their woodturnings.  Our September demonstration will be a great starting point for learning more about this subject.  We invite you to join us in an evening learning about "Adding Textures and Carving to Turned Pieces" 
presented by Elizabeth Weber.  Elizabeth will explain her approach to adding specific embellishments, by discussing:

  * Finding inspiration for your work
  * How to make story boards

  * Different holding methods
  * Adding textures to your bowl or vessel

  * Tools
  * How to use your tools to achieve the desired carved surface.
  * Methods of adding color, like dry brushing.

To Elizabeth, "Art represents a part of the artist and their pieces a reflection of themselves".  She takes a unique and personal approach to her art, drawing on her life experiences, each experience building on another.  The combination of these experiences always influences her work and also make them uniquely hers.  She notes "I sometimes attach a story to my pieces.  This storytelling lives not only in the finished product, but also the turning process".

About our Demonstrator:

Elizabeth Weber is a Tennessee native now living in Seattle, WA.  Elizabeth's one-woman shop, Icosa Woodworks, features bowls, furniture and carved art.  The name Icosa comes from icosahedron, a twenty-sided polyhedron that is used in Plato's philosophy to represent water. With her background being tied to water resources, Icosa ties into a lot of what she loves: math and water.

As a civil engineer by trade, Elizabeth loves crafting things that are both unique and timeless. She especially loves the problem-solving that woodworking presents. She has always loved wooden objects and now adds "vibrancy and movement" to her pieces of art through the use of colors and shape.

You can learn more about Elizabeth and Icosa Woodworks by visiting her website here.  Or, by following her on Instagram here.

This demonstration is now available on video here.