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2022/04/14 - Guild Meeting - Twice Turned Bowl with Decorated Rim and Legs

Bob Edmiston | Published on 3/2/2022
Twice Turned Bowl with Rudy Lopez
  • Thursday April 14th
  • Zoom call opens a 6:15 for socializing
  • Meeting begins at 6:45 PM
  • Demonstration begins at 7 PM
  • Please note: The original live demonstration and three-day workshop has been cancelled.  This IRD replaces those sessions.

WGNC is happy to welcome back Rudy Lopez on Thursday evening, April 14th to conduct a Zoom demonstration.  As many of you know, Rudy has had a relationship with wood for over 40 years.  His career began in fine furniture and eventually flowed into woodturning.  Rudy's work has been featured in AAW juried exhibitions and the AAW Gallery of Wood Art.  He received the Raymond James Gasparilla Festival of Arts Emerging Artist Award and continues to exhibit his work nationally.  Rudy teaches and demonstrates regularly both in person and by IRD.

In this demonstration, Rudy will be making a “Twice Turned Bowl with Decorated Rim Detail and Carved Legs from a Log”. 

his is a somewhat challenging project which requires everything from basic spindle work to good tool control on interrupted cuts.  Rudy will turn the bowl from a log, first turned long grain (spindle orientation) to cut beads or cove decorations on the rim and then side grain orientation to shape the vase or bowl form.

To be sure, this demonstration will make for a fun and entertaining evening with aspects to challenge and engage every woodturner's skill level.

About our Demonstrator:  Rudy Lopez. 

At a very young age Rudy began to develop his creative eye through photography, his first artistic pursuit. This began his relationship with wood as a craftsman of fine furniture and cabinetry. With an education in drafting and design, and many years working as a professional photographer, the transition into woodturning has been a seamless flow into another creative endeavor.

Rudy's energetic easy-going personality and his ability to explain woodturning techniques in a simple understandable manner have allowed him to share his skills and enthusiasm for woodturning through teaching and demonstrating at regional and national symposia and clubs across the country.  Rudy also conducts workshops in his Tampa studio and teaches at schools including: Arrowmont School of Arts and Craft, John C. Campbell Folk School, Marc Adams School of Woodworking, the Center 
for Funiture Craftsmanship and The Florida School of Woodwork. 

To learn more about Rudy, visit his website here.