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2021/10/13 - 2022 Membership Renewal

BE/TR | Published on 10/13/2021

WGNC 2022 Membership renewal ends soon.
Don't miss out, renew now.

If you renew before January 1st, you will automatically be entered into a raffle for a free one-day seat in our upcoming workshop with Rudy Lopez!

2021 has been another Zoom Year!
2021 is officially over.  Hard to believe!  Now it's time to start thinking about 2022.

If we Zoom back to the beginning of 2021, WGNC was challenged with continuing to enhance and expand our “virtual” existence so that our members could continue to enjoy National and Local demonstrators as well as other activities, all within the confines of the ongoing Covid 19 restrictions.  We’ve learned that we need to be creative and also flexible.

Today, if we Zoom out, the view, is of a year, in which WGNC was able to successfully

bring members activities like the six well known demonstrators we have had, who covered subjects like wood selection, drying techniques, finishing, embellishing, and burning, along with resins, multi-axis projects, inlays, boxes, and ringed bowls.


As part of Show & Tell format we launched the Personal Challenge Theme.  It is designed to explore the techniques presented from the previous month’s demonstration with sharing and discussing how the experience was applied. 


In all, during 2021 WGNC will have produced 24 Demonstrations and Show & Tell Sessions, sharing well over 200 member created pieces!  These sessions have generated great discussions that cover areas of design, tools, challenges faced and how to overcome, and the most rewarding of all are the stories and comradery shared as members come together virtually each month.


We launched a new website that provides an enjoyable interface with a wealth of information on WGNC activities along with resources like video log of past demonstrations, and discounts from vendors. 


In addition, WGNC has made available to members two wood sales that offered great turning stock for prices that were considerably below market.


Now, Zoom forward to 2022.


WGNC is already busy, planning activities, scheduling demonstrators, and guardedly planning live demonstrations and actual workshops for our members.


We have plans to invite at least another six well-known national demonstrators along with some from our very talented local pool of members on new topics of interest!

And are currently working with these demonstrators with scheduling well underway to fill out the 2022 WGNC member activities calendar.

But please know that all of these efforts are only possible with your membership renewals.  Our ability to bring you the best programs and other benefits all hinges on member support and member support comes in the form of membership renewal.


So, watch your inbox for your membership renewal notice.  In early November the first reminder notices will be sent out to all members.  At that time, you will be able to go to our website and renew your membership.

Thank you for supporting WGNC.