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2024/06/13 - Guild Meeting - Turning Wall Sculptures from Design to Display with Craig Kassan

Turning Wall Sculptures from Design to Display - with Craig  Kassan
  • Thursday June 13th
  • Hybrid Meeting - Live at NC State Craft Center or via Zoom Call 
  • Zoom call opens a 6:15 for socializing
  • Meeting begins at 6:45 PM
  • Demonstration begins at 7 PM

Craig's Wall Sculptures are uniquely different in many ways to the traditional turning most of us are familiar with.  If you were to visit his studio, the most obvious difference, is that the panels that make up his sculptures, require a modified lathe and a face plate that is in diameter taller than any of our members.  His work requires designing, pattern making, many physical steps and no shortcuts.  When you are turning pieces as large and complex as Craig is, a miscalculation can spell disaster.

During this demonstration, Craig will be discussing various aspects of his Wall Sculptures, including: 
    1. How he got started
    2. Lathe Modifications
    3. His thought process
    4. The basic steps in creating these pieces 
    5. How to apply some of his ideas, concepts and techniques
    6. Video showing his studio and some processes used in making his pieces

While it is unlikely many of us will attempt turnings that require the degree of complexity found in Craig's Wall Sculptures, the hope is that members will be able to take away and apply some of the methodology used by Craig in creating your own art pieces. 
We hope you will join us for Craig's demonstration.

About our Demonstrator:
Craig Kassan was a curious kid. Always taking things apart to figure out how they worked.  This curiosity has been a driving force in Craig's development as a self taught artist.  Craig's art education continues today and as he says, "I am currently working on my masters from the school of hard knocks".

Growing up Craig was always involved in some type of artwork, whether it be oils, acrylics, pastels, ceramics or woodworking.  His grandfather helped him with many woodworking projects including a small working sailboat they made when he was 9. 

His passion for woodworking has never stopped growing throughout the years.  While living in Florida Craig had his own shop where he designed and built custom furniture and cabinets.  During that time he became intrigued with turning, bought himself a lathe and began to experiment.   After moving to North Carolina his passion for wood turning took over.  In a way, Craig says his wall sculptures have become the best of both worlds for me.

Craig has been a member of WGNC since 1998.  He began his adventure with wall sculptures in 2008 and has been advancing his art ever since.  For more information, visit Craig's website here.