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D. "How To" and "Quick Start" ...
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Forums has numerous preferences, settings and ways of doing things. Many of these have been set globally for the sake of consistency.

Some of the "preferences" and other tasks can be modified by the user. So, to assist you with settings and tasks in Forums, a number of "help", "how to", and "overview" documents have been prepared and listed below with links to the various documents.

Quick Start Document:

WGNC Forums Introduction Walk Thru This document provides an in depth explanation of Forums by taking you on a step by step, visual walk through of the Forums module.

How To Documents:

How to set Forum Settings These instructions are to help you set your Forum settings so that you can receive the posts you are interested in, as well as post to the forums.

How to quit or rejoin a forum These instruction are provided to help you leave a forum you are not interested in, join back into a forum you previous left, turn off the receipt of emails from all the forums, or finally quit all forums.

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