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Tips, Tricks and Jigs & WGNC Holiday Social 2023

  • Thursday December 14th
  • NC State Crafts Center
  • (There will be no Zoom for this event)
  • Craft Center opens at 6:30 PM
  • Event begins at 7 PM

What better way to wrap up 2023 than to get together with fellow turners for some Guild provided Holiday snacks and drinks and then pull back the curtain to reveal members favorite “Tips, Tricks and Jigs”.  That's right, bring your favorite T,T, & J to share with the group. We will have tables setup for display and you will have the opportunity to explain, one on one, to your fellow members, no need to get up in front of the audience.  Is your jig to big. or do you need a different way to explain your tip or trick?  No problem, just send us a photo ahead of the meeting and we will display the photo to the people in the room.  See the instructions below. 

And, to make this last event of the year even more fun, WGNC will give away three $50 gift certificates for wood!  Prizes will be awarded for the most creative, the best executed and the jiggiest. So, get started now and get ready to bring your best Tip, Trick or Jig with you to the Craft Center.

In addition, there will be an ornament gift exchange.  Bring something you created, place it in a gift bag and then when you arrive at the meeting, place it on the gift exchange table.  Then, during the meeting, we will arrange a time to have the exchange with other turners.

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Upcoming Events
A Look Ahead

Monthly Show & Tell Session

  • December 21st
  • Zoom session opens about 6:30 PM
  • Meeting begins at 7:00 PM

10 - Oct 2023 Show & Tell

Join the fun and camaraderie of a WGNC Show & Tell Session.  Sessions are designed for all experience levels and are a safe and respectful place to show your work, solicit input and advice and request help on those pesky problems we all run into.

All WGNC members and their guests are welcome to spend an evening with fellow woodturners as we explore and share members' projects, ideas, issues and yes, even those shop disasters.  We love to see what members are doing, so please join us each month for our monthly Zoom Show & Tell Session. 

We hope to see you for this month's always enjoyable, entertaining and interactive session.  And, don't forget the raffle!  For each piece you enter (max two entries) you receive a chance for a $25 Wood Gift Certificate to be given away at the end of the session.

Remember, you do not have to have a completed project to participate.  This session is designed to explore the techniques presented, so whether you have a completed piece, a practice piece or simply "idea boards", all are welcome for sharing and discussing with other members.

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Breakout Sessions
Emerging Turner Resources
Breakout Sessions are Back

WGNC is happy to announce the return of Breakout Sessions. To enhance the value of these sessions to members, we have established a coordinator to help identify topics, hosts and schedules that are aligned with the interests of members.

As Session details are confirmed, the information will be posted on this web page so that a member can look at available subjects and associated details, and then when a topic of interest is found, simply click on the button to sign up.

Breakout sessions are generally free of charge and are offered on a first come first serve basis.  Scheduled sessions will be created as Events and will show up on the Home Page in the "A Look Ahead" table, on the "Events Calendar" and on the "Breakout Session" selection under the "Resources" menu .

To learn more about: 
   - How to join a breakout session
   - How to Host a breakout session
   - Review the Breakout Session Schedule
Click here.

Part of the learning process for every turner is to be exposed to all the questions and answers other turners have already experienced. Because when you are first starting out you might not even know what questions to ask, you just are eager to get started and see the chips fly!

Here are some of the questions that might emerge:

·  What lathe and tools do I need as a beginner?

·  How do I sharpen tools and how often?

·  If I don't have a lathe, can I rent one?

·  What wood should I start out using?

·  What speed should I turn at?

·  Are there any safety concerns I need to be aware of?

·  Are there woodturning classes available?
·  Is there someone who can guide me on this journey?

......and the list grows as your adventure begins with woodturning. It is for these reasons that WGNC has created the "Emerging Turner" section of our website.

To explore the “Emerging Turner” sections just select any of the eight menu items found in the “Emerging Turner Resources” menu.

As a starting point, we suggest you take a look at “New Member Resources”.  This page gives you an overview of all the sections and links to each section. To review, click here.

 And in other news:

Welcome Members
Welcome New Members!

Become a new WGNC member now!

Sign up now through the end of 2023 and have your membership extended through the end of 2024!

New WGNC T-Shirts now available:
 is happy to announce the arrival of our newly re-designed Guild T-Shirts.  T-Shirts will be available to members at any in-person Demonstration or Show and Tell event.
For full details, pictures and availability, please click here.