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Monthly Show & Tell Session

  • September 21st
  • Zoom session opens about 6:30 PM
  • Meeting begins at 7:00 PM

07 - July 2023 - Show & Tell

Join the fun and camaraderie of a WGNC Show & Tell Session.  Sessions are designed for all experience levels and are a safe and respectful place to show your work, solicit input and advice and request help on those pesky problems we all run into.

All WGNC members and their guests are welcome to spend an evening with fellow woodturners as we explore and share members' projects, ideas, issues and yes, even those shop disasters.  We love to see what members are doing, so please join us each month for our monthly Zoom Show & Tell Session. 

We hope to see you for this month's always enjoyable, entertaining and interactive session.  And, don't forget the raffle!  For each piece you enter (max two entries) you receive a chance for a $25 Wood Gift Certificate to be given away at the end of the session.

As part of our regular Show & Tell program, we allot time to the session that is devoted to sharing and discussing a Personal Challenge from a recent demonstration.  The Personal Challenge is intended as a way to encourage members to try new ideas, techniques and to also be able to obtain advice on subjects covered in the demonstration.  WGNC also provides an open invitation to the person who conducted the demonstration to join the session to be available to answer questions and critique the various submissions made by members.  These sessions are always a great learning experience and fun.

The upcoming Personal Challenges will be as follows:

For September, the Challenge will be from Michael Earley's demonstration "Up-cycling Used Skateboards".

For October, the Challenge will be from Eric Lofstrom's demonstration "Skew Skills: "Making the Cuts".

Members can review videos of all the demonstrations as they become available here.

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Upcoming Events
A Look Ahead

North Carolina Woodturning Symposium
Greensboro Coliseum November 3-5

 Six clubs from North Carolina, including WGNC, will host the North Carolina Woodturners Symposium at the Greensboro Coliseum November 3-5. 

Several nationally recognized demonstrators, along with local talent including our own Michael Early, will present.

Also, multiple vendors are scheduled for this event.  For up to date  details visit the symposium website at

We will use 6 rooms at the Greensboro Coliseum to present 48 rotations.  The schedule has two rotations Friday afternoon, four on Saturday, and two on Sunday morning.

WGNC will be sponsoring room 1B that features nationally know turner Nick Agar.

The club must provide two volunteers to help with the demonstration.  Help will include operating the video camera, clean-up between rotations, and playing gopher for the demonstrator as needed.

Ideally we will have 16 volunteers to work pairs for one rotation each.  Volunteers get a ring-side seat to watch the demonstration. That allows each to have time to watch each of the other demonstrators.   

November is right around the corner and we want to be sure we fulfil our obligation to staff our sponsored room properly. 

So, folks, please consider volunteering for this event, your club needs your support.  You can sign up now by clicking here.

The presenters, demonstrations, schedule, exhibitors, registration and more can be found on the NCWS website noted above.

Skew Skills
Breakout Sessions
Eric Lofstrom - Skew Skills

For our October Demonstration, WGNC is happy to welcome back Eric Lofstrom.

Mark your calendar.  Eric is a great presenter and when it comes to the skew, which will be the topic of his demonstration, this tool must come out of the drawer!
It is fundamental to turning and is what many a production turner learn to use before any other tool.

To quote Eric "The skew is possibly the most versatile spindle turning tool, capable of creating the finest cut surface. The most challenging part of using the skew is to understand & mind the laws of physics. Its simplistic design will highlight your ability to present the tool’s edge. ALL basic SPINDLE cuts can be done with the Skew: Planing, Peeling, Paring, Vee, Rolling, Coving

More information to follow soon.

Breakout Sessions are Back

WGNC is happy to announce the return of Breakout Sessions. To enhance the value of these sessions to members, we have established a coordinator to help identify topics, hosts and schedules that are aligned with the interests of members.

As Session details are confirmed, the information will be posted on this web page so that a member can look at available subjects and associated details, and then when a topic of interest is found, simply click on the button to sign up.

Breakout sessions are generally free of charge and are offered on a first come first serve basis.  Scheduled sessions will be created as Events and will show up on the Home Page in the "A Look Ahead" table, on the "Events Calendar" and on the "Breakout Session" selection under the "Resources" menu .

To learn more about: 
   - How to join a breakout session
   - How to Host a breakout session
   - Review the Breakout Session Schedule
Click here.
 And in other news:

Welcome Members
Welcome New Members!

Surface Preparation for Flawless Finishes

On Saturday June 3rd, Marc Banka hosted another breakout session.  This one was on surface preparation for getting the very best possible finishes on your turning projects.
By all accounts, this was a fantastic breakout session!  You can read Marc's session closeout comments and recap in "Forums" by clicking here.  

Check out other upcoming breakout sessions here.

New WGNC T-Shirts now available:
 is happy to announce the arrival of our newly re-designed Guild T-Shirts.  T-Shirts will be available to members at any in-person Demonstration or Show and Tell event.
For full details, pictures and availability, please click here.