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How to get started with Basket Illusions with Michael Earley
  • Thursday December 9th
  • Zoom call opens a 6:15 for socializing
  • Meeting begins at 6:45 PM
  • Demonstration begins at 7 PM
WGNC is excited to present our own Michael Earley who will demonstrate on how to think through a plan, prepare for and do basket illusions from a beginners point of view.

Michael got started in basket illusion earlier this year after being inspired by pieces other turners posted on Social Media. He has produced some wonderful pieces, but has much more to explore in this area of woodturning.  

Michael will share with us what he has learned and his recommendations for getting started in this very unique and interesting area for wood turners.  Some of his main topics he will be exploring with us are:

  • Design and form selection -
  • Basket Illusion as an Embellishment -
  • Pattern Design/Selection -
  • Wood selection -
  • Tool Selection - 
  • Surface Preparation - 
  • Laying out the lines/beads - 
  • Burning the lines and weaves - 
  • Coloring - 
  • Recommended Finishing Techniques -
  • Tips and Tricks
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A Look Ahead
Tips, Tricks and Jigs 2022
  • Thursday January 13th
  • Zoom call opens a 6:15 for socializing
  • Meeting begins at 6:45 PM
  • Demonstration begins at 7 PM
What better way to kick off 2022 than to take a peek into our members shops and look over their shoulders at their favorite “Tips, Tricks and Jigs”.  This is a member supported event so be sure to enter something to share with the group. 

And, to make this first event of the year even more fun, WGNC will give away three $50 gift certificates for wood!  Prizes will be awarded for the most creative, the best executed and the jiggiest. So, get started now and get ready to submit you best Tip, Trick or Jig.

How does Tips, Tricks and Jigs work?  It's easy!  All you need to do is send in a picture or two of the Tip, Trick or Jig you want to share.  Then, during the Zoom session, your item will be shared on screen for all to see and you will be given an opportunity to explain your Tip, Trick or Jig and answer any questions other members might have.

So, got a Tip that has made something in the shop better, show it and share it!  Got a Trick that allows you to get that special effect or shape, show it and share it.  Got a Jig that you can't live without, show it and share it.

Tips, Tricks and Jigs Submission guidelines:
  • Participants can only win in one category
  • Participants are limited to two entries for presentation.
  • The deadline for submitting entries is 6:00 PM Wednesday Jan. 12th
  • Email your submissions to .
To get the full submission guidelines and meeting log on information click here.

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2021 has been another Zoom Year!
It is officially Fall 2021.  Hard to believe!  And it's time to start thinking about 2022.

If we Zoom back to the beginning of 2021, WGNC was challenged with continuing to enhance and expand our “virtual” existence so that our members could continue to enjoy National and Local demonstrators as well as other activities, all within the confines of the ongoing Covid 19 restrictions.  We’ve learned that we need to be creative and also flexible.

Today, if we Zoom out, the view, is of a year, in which WGNC was able to successfully

bring members activities like the six well known demonstrators we have had, who covered subjects like wood selection, drying techniques, finishing, embellishing, and burning, along with resins, multi-axis projects, inlays, boxes, and ringed bowls.

As part of Show & Tell format we launched the Personal Challenge Theme.  It is designed to explore the techniques presented from the previous month’s demonstration with sharing and discussing how the experience was applied. 

In all, during 2021 WGNC will have produced 24 Demonstrations and Show & Tell Sessions, sharing well over 200 member created pieces!  These sessions have generated great discussions that cover areas of design, tools, challenges faced and how to overcome, and the most rewarding of all are the stories and comradery shared as members come together virtually each month.

We launched a new website that provides an enjoyable interface with a wealth of information on WGNC activities along with resources like video log of past demonstrations, and discounts from vendors. 

In addition, WGNC has made available to members two wood sales that offered great turning stock for prices that were considerably below market.
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 And in other news:

Welcome Members
Welcome New Members!

Another successful Wood Sale !

The changing Fall weather provided a perfect two days for the Wood Sale.

Once again, Guild members took advantage of the wide selection of turning blanks and the fantastic prices. We are sure to see some new and interesting turnings as a result.

Thanks to the members for their support.  And, also to the volunteers who always make these events possible.

Happy Turning!

Got something in your shop that you haven't used in a while but just don't know what to do
with it? Well now you do, and you can make some money at it as well!  We are pleased to announce that WGNC has just launched a Members Only Classified Ads app on the website!

The Classified Ads app provides a way to advertise woodturning and woodworking items you wish to sell or give away. 
The app is designed so that any member can submit classified ads to the website directly.  The app is fully featured, you can add a Title, Description, Asking Price, Condition, and the ability to add pictures of the item for sale. 
For more information on using this new app, click here.