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Monthly Show & Tell Session

  • May 18th
  • Zoom session opens about 6:30 PM
  • Meeting begins at 7:00 PM

03 - Mar 2023 - Show & Tell

Join the fun and camaraderie of a WGNC Show & Tell Session.  Sessions are designed for all experience levels and are a safe and respectful place to show your work, solicit input and advice and request help on those pesky problems we all run into.

All WGNC members and their guests are welcome to spend an evening with fellow woodturners as we explore and share members' projects, ideas, issues and yes, even those shop disasters.  We love to see what members are doing, so please join us each month for our monthly Zoom Show & Tell Session. 

We hope to see you for this month's always enjoyable, entertaining and interactive session.  And, don't forget the raffle!  For each piece you enter (max two entries) you receive a chance for a $25 Wood Gift Certificate to be given away at the end of the session.

As part of our regular Show & Tell program, we allot time to the session that is devoted to sharing and discussing a Personal Challenge from a recent demonstration.  The Personal Challenge is intended as a way to encourage members to try new ideas, techniques and to also be able to obtain advice on subjects covered in the demonstration.  WGNC also provides an open invitation to the person who conducted the demonstration to join the session to be available to answer questions and critique the various submissions made by members.  These sessions are always a great learning experience and fun.

The upcoming Personal Challenges will be as follows:

For May, the Challenge will come from the April "Multi-axis Flower Top Candle Holder" demonstration that was presented by Ted Ross. 

For June, the Challenge will be from Roberto Ferrer's demonstration "Lathe Based Sculptures.

Members can review videos of all the demonstrations as they become available here.



Remember, you do not have to have a completed project to participate.  This session is designed to explore the techniques presented, so whether you have a completed piece, a practice piece or simply "idea boards", all are welcome for sharing and discussing with other members.

As a reminder, WGNC wants to encourage all skill levels to participate in our Show and Tell activities.  The galleries are all about our members adventures in turning.  What they turned, what they learned, how they addressed problems and challenges, design considerations and modifications.  They are also about learning and sharing, mentoring, and experiencing the many avenues of woodturning.  As a Guild, we offer many opportunities, but none as important as sharing our collective knowledge of all things turning.  The Show and Tell and Personal Challenge are just another way for you to bring more skills and exposure to your personal turning experience, give and receive help and guidance as needed and enjoy the adventures of your fellow woodturners. 

We all look forward to seeing our members unique creations.

Happy Turning!

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Upcoming Events
A Look Ahead


During our February 9th regular monthly meeting and demonstration and then again on February 24, during a workshop visit, WGNC honored four of our members for their contributions to continuing to inspire the woodturning world with their art ,craft and wizardry, and to their commitment to WGNC members by serving as educators, demonstrators and mentors over many years of service.

Each was Knighted by Ted Ross, WGNC's current President, and presented with a turned and laser engraved medallion, which confers on each a Lifetime Membership to WGNC and to the Order of the Knights of the Round Lathe.

Read on to learn a bit more about each of the Lifetime Membership recipients. 

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Artsplosure 2023
Breakout Sessions

WGNC is looking for member/artists who are interested in working in the booth and to show and sell their work.  There will be two full day slots available on Saturday and two full day slots on Sunday.  The cost to exhibit/sell will be $50 for each slot.  Funds will be used to defray the cost of the booth rental.  In addition, participants signing up for the Saturday slots will need to help setup the booth on Saturday morning.  Those who signup for the Sunday slots will need to help break down the booth at shows end.

In addition, WGNC will have a demonstration area in the booth where members can volunteer to turn smaller projects.  The demonstration area is intended to draw visitors into the booth area so they can see how items are turned and interact directly with the person turning.  There will be four half day slots open to volunteers.  There will morning and afternoon slots both Saturday and Sunday.  Demonstration slots will be free of charge and restricted to demonstrating only.

Members interested in either exhibiting/selling or demonstrating can find further information and registration by clicking on the appropriate button below:

To find more information about exhibiting/selling and registering: Exhibit Registration
To find more information about demonstrating and registering: Demonstration Registration

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Breakout Sessions are Back

WGNC is happy to announce the return of Breakout Sessions. To enhance the value of these sessions to members, we have established a coordinator to help identify topics, hosts and schedules that are aligned with the interests of members.

As Session details are confirmed, the information will be posted on this web page so that a member can look at available subjects and associated details, and then when a topic of interest is found, simply click on the button to sign up.

Breakout sessions are generally free of charge and are offered on a first come first serve basis.  Scheduled sessions will be created as Events and will show up on the Home Page in the "A Look Ahead" table, on the "Events Calendar" and on the "Breakout Session" selection under the "Resources" menu .

To learn more about: 
   - How to join a breakout session
   - How to Host a breakout session
   - Review the Breakout Session Schedule
Click here.
 And in other news:

Welcome Members
Welcome New Members!

Hands On Intro to Texturing with Bob Edmiston 

The April breakout, hosted at Ted Ross's Shop and presented by Bob Edmiston found six of our members present to get some hands on experience in pyrography and an introduction to power texturing as well as using other methods to get textured looks.

Don't miss out on learning or advancing a skill by attending a breakout.  They are a great way to learn and even better, you get to spend time with fellow turners, sharing ideas, and just socializing for a few hours.

Check out the upcoming breakout sessions here.

Demonstration and Show & Tell videos available for viewing. 

Don't forget you can always review all the available WGNC Demos and Show & Tell videos by clicking here.  Check them out today! 

New WGNC T-Shirts now available:
 is happy to announce the arrival of our newly re-designed Guild T-Shirts.  T-Shirts will be available to members at any in-person Demonstration or Show and Tell event.
For full details, pictures and availability, please click here.