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10/14/21 - Guild Meeting - Saturn Bowl with Jason Clark

Bob Edmiston  | Published on 10/11/2021
The Saturn Bowl with Jason Clark
  • Thursday October 14th
  • Zoom call opens a 6:15 for socializing
  • Meeting begins at 6:45 PM
  • Demonstration begins at 7 PM
Return of Saturn:

Have you ever seen this crazy spinning disk bowl and wondered how in the world do they do this?

Are there some special tools or jigs or what magic is performed to create this?

Well this month’s demonstration with Jason Clark will provide all the magic necessary to create what he calls the Saturn Bowl.  The demonstration will start with a short presentation of some of his work as well as a preview of the evening’s project.  He will turn a simple bowl with a wide thin brim and use an ultra-thin parting tool to cut the brim in such a way that is free from the bowl and is able to rotate. 

This bowl will then be held in a way so that the wide brim of the bowl can be offset using simple home-made jigs in order to create rings that are interactive and can rotate but not come apart.

Most of the demo is easy enough for beginning turners but the overall project is challenging enough to keep even the most experienced turner interested. The demo will end with another short PowerPoint presentation showing additional variations based on the concept of the Saturn bowl as well as information on how attendees can obtain an instructional booklet for the project.

The demonstration will explore:

  • Wood selection, tools needed, and how to sharpen
  • The main elements of turning a bowl with thin brim
  • Parting with an ultra-thin parting tool
  • Preparing and finishing piece
  • How to make Saturn Bowl display rests
  • Ideas on variations of concept
  • How to obtain a booklet for the project
We hope you will join us Thursday evening October 14th  for this informative demonstration of this unique technique.  Connection instructions using Zoom are included below.

Jason Clark has been heavily involved in Woodturning for nearly 2 decades being primarily self taught in a modest 2 car garage in his spare time. He is a demonstrator, teacher,artist, husband, and father.  Woodturning is his passion and he is an ambassador for all aspects of woodturning as well as wood art in general.

Jason has given demonstrations on a wide variety of topics including his signature Saturn bowls, lidded boxes, jigs and tricks, vacuum chucking, multi axis turning, and more.  He also teach hands-on classes including classes for beginners and a hands-on class for making his signature Saturn Bowl.

His Inspiration:  “I strive to feature the natural beauty of the wood.  The grain, the figure, and as much as possible the natural color of the wood.  My job is to highlight what already exists within the wood and present it in a way that showcases what mother nature has provided.”

To learn more about Jason and his art, visit his website by clicking

To connect to this Zoom session on 10/14/2021 click  Zoom Connection