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10/21/21 - Monthly Show & Tell Session

 | Published on 10/11/2021

Monthly Show & Tell Session

  • October 21th
  • Zoom session opens about 6:30 pm
  • Meeting begins at 7:00 pm

09 - Sept 2021 - Show & Tell

Join us each month, on the third Thursday, for our monthly virtual Show & Tell Gallery. 

This forum is intended for all levels of woodturners and is a safe and respectful place to solicit input and advice, regardless of your experience level.

All WGNC members and their guests are welcome to spend an evening with fellow woodturners as we explore and share members' projects, ideas, issues and yes, even those shop disasters. 

So, we invite you, to come and join us for these always enjoyable and interactive session.

Part of Show & Tell format is the addition of the Personal Challenge Theme.  As part of our regular Show & Tell program, we will have time allotted to the Show and Tell session that is devoted to sharing and discussing a theme from one of our demonstrations. 
You do not have to have a completed project to participate.  This session is designed to explore the techniques presented, so whether you have a completed piece, a practice piece or simply "idea boards", all are welcome for sharing and discussing with other members.

The planned personal challenge theme for the October Show & Tell session :
- Inlays for Woodturners with Scott Grove  
 Review program here
 Review video here 

As a reminder, WGNC wants to encourage all skill levels to participate in our Show and Tell activities.  The galleries are all about our members adventures in turning.  What they turned, what they learned, how they addressed problems and challenges, design considerations and modifications.  They are also about learning and sharing, mentoring, and experiencing the many avenues of woodturning.  As a Guild, we offer many opportunities, but none as important as sharing our collective knowledge of all things turning.  The Show and Tell Personal Challenge is just another way for you to bring more skill and exposure to your personal turning experience, give and receive help and guidance as needed and enjoy the adventures of your fellow woodturners. 

We will all look forward to seeing our members unique creations.

Happy Turning!

Show & Tell Submission guidelines:

  • Email your submissions to .
  • The deadline for submissions is 6:00 PM on the Wednesday before the Show & Tell.  Due to processing time, we cannot accept entries received after this time.
  • Include one or two photos of each piece (front/back, top/bottom), since we can't hold a piece for viewing.
  • Include your name, wood species, largest dimension, and a short (one or two sentence) description. 
  • Each person can submit up to two items per session.
  • Send a separate email for each piece submitted.  
  • Reduce your photo file size before sending – try to keep files to 1Mb or less.  Not sure how to resize or crop your photos?  This 3-minute guide can help if you use Windows.
  • Include your name in your photo file name.

Some photo tips:

  • Use a booth/backdrop if you have one, or use a solid color wall.
  • Find good lighting, preferably from one source. Don't rely on camera flash.
  • If it's a finished piece, we suggest your best "gallery" shot and another of the bottom or profile/detail not shown in the main shot.
  • If it's a work in progress, closeup shots of problem areas or specific challenges would be appropriate.  
  • Crop your photos fairly close to the object alone.
To connect to the next Show & Tell Zoom session click here.