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6/10/21 - Guild Meeting - Whimsical Podlets with Greg Gallegos

Bob Edmiston  | Published on 2/28/2021

Whimsical Podlets with Greg Gallegos

  • Thursday June 10th
  • Zoom call opens at 6:15 PM for socializing
  • Meeting begins at 6:45 PM
  • Demonstration begins at 7 PM

Have you been wondering what to do with those leftover cool looking branches that you just can’t throw away?  Or every time you attempt something with green branches it always twists and cracks and looks terrible.

Well we might just have the solution to this and at the same time have a lot of fun making something new and cool looking!  

In this demonstration, Greg Gallegos will take us through the basics of turning what he calls
Podlets, from start to finish, from green wood to completion. This demonstration will provide helpful solutions to the challenges of turning green wood from branches, how to turn a long stem with a cup on the end of it, and how to effectively and efficiently dry the piece so it is ready for finishing and display.

You will learn how Greg approaches each Podlet from picking the wood and how to get the maximum amount of movement out of your green wood. He will also talk about turning green wood and how we can take a different look at turning to create unique and one of a kind pieces.

The demonstration will explore: 

  • The main elements of turning Podlets
  • Wood selection
  • Grain alignment
  • Proper tool approach
  • Microwave drying
  • Finishing
We hope you will join us Thursday evening June 10th for this informative demonstration of this unique technique.  

About our Demonstrator:

Greg Gallegos
: has been artistically inclined since he was very young. He first fell in love with wood using the lathe in high school. It took him another ten years after high school to be able to purchase his own lathe.

It took years of properly learning the craft and practicing the skills before he felt ready to start selling at local craft and art markets, which eventually lead to several large national shows.

These days, he switches from being spontaneously creative at times to prodigiously productive at other times. Trying to find a happy medium…not likely to happen for Greg as he tries not to limit himself to a particular set of skills.

“I have turned just about everything there is to turn. I love them all!”  Hollow forms, natural edge bowls, functional tableware bowls in production runs, whimsical pieces, and decorative carving as well. I do gravitate to-wards working with green wood to completion. I really feel that it gives the wood its most simplistic forms and keeps the organic quality of the wood intact. Greg lives and works in Haslett Michigan.


"I’ve spent my entire life expressing my creativity through drawing and woodworking."

To learn more about Greg and his art, visit his website here.

To connect to this Zoom session on 6/10/21 click the button:   Zoom Connection